Thursday, November 24, 2005

Harry Potter 4 etc

It was easily the best of the films to date. It also had dragons, which pushed it upwards in my rating too. I think about 14 of us went in the end, a nice crowd. Myself, Phil, Alex, Keith and Nerea went to The Moorhen first for a drink (or two, or several in Keith's case) and a bite to eat. Phil didn't fall asleep during the film, which apparently is unusual. When Matt rang on Monday night he warned me about the film..

Matt: Well, it is worth seeing but I'm afraid there's some strong language in it..
Me: Oh, really?
Matt: Yes, at one point Ron tells Harry to 'piss off'
Me: Woah, that's a bit rude!
Matt: fucking right.

I danced twice this week. I really enjoyed Monday and quite enjoyed last night. Having a bit more space on Monday was definitely worth it - got the chance to practice a few cool new moves!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Laura & Natalie's 21st (well..)

Phil & me clubbing in Brick Lane Posted by Picasa

About 25 of us MSD students went out clubbing on Saturday night. We had such a fun time! Because we were a large group we booked a coach to take us there / back which made everything very simple.

Ruth drank one hell of a lot of Schnapps before we left so we had to have an emergency loo stop. Once in the club the rest of us stacked up the units. And danced. And Ricardo's friend, PojMasta, did a really good set. With a larger group there were lots of people to interact with and dance with.

After clubbing hard for many hours we all headed off down Brick Lane until we came to a really bizarre Indian restaurant.
Phil: this isn't the coach
Nick: No, but it is 'open till late'

So we all ate Indian and got scared by the huge murals of angels kissing, centaurs shagging angels and, most disturbing of all, a huge close up of Princess Di's face... But we survived the experience and I slept like a log that night. In Adam's bed. (He wasn't there!).

And now I seem to be ill. But getting better by the hour..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Zizzi's, Stortford

I love this photo Posted by Picasa

Another pay day meal. Jen and I were so damn organised we actually got there very early and felt the need to drink gin and tonic in a nearby bar, which was actually quite nice. The meal itself was very good - and Jen and I managed to get free glasses of wine! Which was a bonus! Anand dropped us back which made life very simple, and this morning I got to sleep until 8:15!!

We didn't get to work until just before 10, and then a few of us (me, Jen, Nick, Alex) decided that sausage sandwiches were the way forward. :) :)

Jen looking gorgeous, as per usual :) Posted by Picasa

Me and Rem Posted by Picasa

Nick eating spaghetti (his 3rd course, pinched from Jen) Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

Chinese, A Dinner Party, Rockets and Italian

I headed into Cambridge after lunch on Saturday and Laura and I decided on lunch out. We wandered until we found ourselves at The Ugly Duckling (excellent name for a restaurant) where we may have slightly over-ordered, but nevertheless had a really excellent meal! -->

Assorted Chinese dishes at The Ugly Duckling Posted by Picasa

We then headed to Laura's friends who she works for. The house was massive - you could fit all the floor space of my Mum's house into their kitchen. Laura and I organised and tidied, and shoved various things in various ovens, and folded napkins, lit candles, shunted furniture and basically ensured their dinner party (9 adults, 8 children) went smoothly, which it did. I liked Anthony and Alison, Anthony more so, but then I spoke to him for longer. Very amusing chap. A critic who tells me he's rubbish at recommending books :)

We then went on to Alex's where I met him, his Mum Hilary and girlfriend Annie. They really are brilliant people. We set off rockets and played with sparklers, and drank and ate. I felt so relaxed with them, like I'd known them for years.

I spent most of Sunday tidying until I spoke to Will who eventually mentioned he was at home and I could call over and see him if I fancied. I did fancy.

I arrived at his door with a vague feeling of deja-vu from when we used to be close friends and I'd turn up there a couple of times a week. It was good to see him again. We ended up all going along to Prezzo, which was lovely, as it was Ruth's birthday. I felt slightly awkward talking about the whole Cambridge thing with Martin and Tom. I still feel like at any moment it will be taken from me and that looking forward to it is just setting myself up for disappointment.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Rock on

My fiance. Enough said. Posted by Picasa

As I got into the car on the way into Cambs I got a text from Jane saying "hey honey, r u coming to the rock tonight? i'm here with your finace! X"*, and sure enough when I got there I got wonderful hugs from both :D Plenty of other Cerocers were there too, and it was just generally nice to see people.

We listened to the live band (who were actually pretty good, although I pined for my sax) and I had a chance to catch up with Nathan as we haven't spoken face to face in ages. Laura came along a little later and we had a really fun dance, and we seem to have perfected the first move jump :)

After The Rock we moved on to The Junction.. this was a new experience for me and I now understand why people say Cambridge clubs are, well, rubbish. But it did at least mean we could do some Ceroc, which would be impossible in a decent club - and what's more I wouldn't want to dance Ceroc in a really good club, but hey, all an experience.

*as a side note, I find big "X"s in texts slightly disturbing. "x" is a friendlylittlekiss, but "X" makes me think of a forcedagainstawalltonguedownyourthroatuberkiss, but as I can't really imagine Jane doing that to me (well, okay I can imagine it if I try) it doesn't bother me with her.

Me and Elliot in bed at Laura's in Fowlmere Posted by Picasa

I had a really nice stay over at Laura's. We sat up eating crispy pizza and drinking tea and generally chatting. Her house is lovely and I had a double bed with oodles of cushions to curl up in. I slept soo well. And Fowlmere looks like a cute little place. I shall force Rob to take me out there on the tandem. Oooh and in the morning I had a visit from El Cat (see above) which was just so lovely! I wish I had a cat!

Fungi in a field on the walk back from Audley End station this morning. Posted by Picasa