Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's all over

Ella & Jen looking happy - anyone would think they had something to celebrate.. Posted by Hello

And I feel so damn happy.

Monday night I couldn't sleep. I knew that Chemistry was going to be one of the hardest exams ever - just because it decides so much. I knew I needed to sleep, and I couldn't. Now, the worst thing would be if I'd got all frustrated. In the end I delved into my mind for a happy memory and then reconstructed it very slowly, adding in every shred of detail I could. Then it was morning and Dad was waking me :)

No idea how the exam went, it was nowhere near flawless. But it's over.

Afterwards, eating lunch (sausage sandwich!) on the common with Roo, Jess and Phil was just lovely! I kept bouncing about, and Roo picked me up and dropped me over Phil and Jess and then I made Jess and Roo spin about with me :D And then icecreams and more sitting and chatting in the sun! Finally home to have a nice bath (without having to take my chem notes to read with me). And then a long shower. And then pretty clothes and jewellery and best underwear! And then Jason turned up and gave me a cuddle! And then out with Jess, Jen, Roo and Ella!

Mmm Prezzo was tasty. I really must go there more often. Though it was the company that made it. Rather than discussing the oxidation states of chromium Jess and I found ourselves immersed in conversation about a flash game we've both been wasting time playing :).

Which reminds me, here are some of the links:
The silly GROW thing
The Honda Rabbit game
The Cube World (just click the link on this page for it to load)
The sheep reactions
The What You Are thing (I'm a little baby who likes to dejuice dragons, apparently)
The 'Depression and Masochism for the under fives' (to quote Soap)

Yay Jess! *purr*. Enough said. Posted by Hello

Yay, Phil behind the bar, probably making us yet another pitcher.. Frisky Bison is a silly name for a drink. Posted by Hello

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Peace in Chaos

This week has been one of the best worst weeks of my life. And one of the nicer moments is glimpsed below. I was feeling really mixed up on Wednesday morning (mainly due to lack of sleep) and asked Phil if he could call in. I was a little sad when he didn't.. but then he rang later explaining and we went for a long walk and chilled out in a field and had a really good chat.

And then he threatened to throw me in a ditch and picked me up and swung me out over it and then brought me back to safety. He rocks.

Phil how he now looks. Sadly his shoulders aren't in this shot. Posted by Hello

Me actually relaxing for once Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Victory should be naked

I woke at 4am, opened a curtain, and listened to the dawn.

I watched an insect hurling itself against the glass of my bedroom window in a desperate attempt to break through. Every time it hit the invisible wall it rebounded and then threw itself towards it again. What did it hope to gain? Freedom? Do insects have any concept of freedom? Was it just following the laws of some taxis? Stupid insect. And then I thought about myself, and how many times I've launched myself at a barrier that I don't fully understand. And how many times I've been hurt doing so. And how many times I've picked myself back up and flown full pelt into it again - even though I don't know exactly what's on the other side. And then I opened the window.

In other news I took a Chem paper today and scored 74%. I just don't see how I'm ever going to get that up by Tuesday.

EDIT: go read this, it's hilarious, one of Kieran's best ever entries. Go on! Go! Click!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Just had a bbq and ate outside, and spent my whole time staring at the sky.. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Phil & Will at my party of aaages ago. Was it Tom (Mac Tom) who did this? Or Darren? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Princess Tegwen reveals all

From the left: Andy, Ruari, Ollie, Tom, Marc, Me!, Jamie, Luke, Jack, Other Luke Posted by Hello

"You're not short - you're bite-sized!" to quote Kieran. But looking at the above photo... I'm shorter than Ollie! When did that happen?? Just look at my shoulder level! Anyway, this is my lovely lovely Physics group.

On a more exciting note, when I was lying in bed last night I started thinking about my Ceroc Strips. Anyway, the last thing I want to do is to upset anyone, but I don't want to forget about them altogether - they had the potential to be really fun! So I started to think about the other characters I've created (such as Princess Tegwen) in the silly cartoons that me, Soap and Claire draw.

Well, my mind escalated the thought somewhat as I was drifting between waking and sleep and started to do it's own thing. Then I woke up because I was laughing, because the storyline and visuals in my head were rather hilarious. I'm slightly worried that this may be a case of imagination > talent, and I won't actually be able to draw it..

But what I'm invisaging is a longer story, like a whole comic book. And it's not exactly the way the strips have been before, it's more fantastical: it's not set in the present day but the past. The people who I have worked into the story so far, are..


I would give you the character names (I am Princess Tegwen, as mentioned earlier) but I figured that might spoil the fun! Anyway, it's something I'm developing and look forward to sketching out over the summer. It will probably be finished by Christmas, if I'm being realistic. I'm going to do it in full colour!

I will give everyone who is in it a chance to see the strip in which their character is introduced before developing it too far. That way, if I've offended anyone, I can make the necessary alterations to unoffend them - even removing their character completely if they so desire.

My life at the moment. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I've been to Heaven

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and looked out the window. The sun was low in the sky and casting the shadow of a beautiful tree onto the wall of the house at the foot of my garden. I wanted to get up and go walking in it, but I decided that a couple more hours sleep might make all the difference to my Chemistry exam. Good decision – I fell asleep again quickly and had the best dream I’ve ever had:

I was in a large house and it was about 10 in the morning. I was lying on a large comfortable mattress on the floor. I was (surprise surprise) in Pace’s arms and he was dozing, looking lazy and happy. Although I couldn’t see out of the room I could hear what was happening in the rest of the house and I could see it in my mind.

My 90 year old Nana was in the room next door and she was happy and tidying some things away – pottering around, smiling. I could hear my sister Helen and her best friend Elena playing out in the garden. They were younger than they are now. My Grandad (who died before Christmas) was with them, joining in! He was happy and younger, and he could see! And he was smiling. I could hear my parents downstairs – they were still married and making breakfast together. They were so happy and they were laughing and smiling.

Claire came dashing in and jumped onto the mattress, waking Pace – but he just laughed at her and she kissed his forehead and wrinkled her nose at him in an affectionate way and then hugged and kissed me. She had a card with her that she wanted us to sign for Ian for his birthday. We were all going to have a lovely party for him that evening. I looked at the card and it was already signed by loads and loads of people, all saying lovely things. Then Claire took the card and skipped out to help cook breakfast. The sunlight was filling everything and I felt so happy I thought I might burst. Pace breathed in and pulled me towards him and let me kiss his neck and his eyes went half shut in that lovely lazy way of his. Then he rolled us over and kissed my stomach.

Everyone I loved was going to be at Ian’s party. There was nothing wrong with the world. Everything was completely perfect.

I think this morning I experienced heaven.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

My view when I was chilling out, lying on my back, using Jess's lap as a pillow :) Posted by Hello

Strawberry Fayre

Photo Luke took of me - I'm being quietly happy. Posted by Hello

Jess, Phil and Luke (unedited, the sky really was that lovely colour!) Posted by Hello

I'd never been before - it was lovely! Phil, Jess and I wandered about all the various stalls and bought pretty colourful things :) I also ran into Zareh which was unexpected but nice! And lots of other fun people were there too.

Note to self: go next year!