Sunday, September 10, 2006

Phil's last night

In order of alertness from left to right - Matt, Phil, Torrs Posted by Picasa

We sent Phil off with style! The gorgeous Torrs was up visiting me for the weekend (and did an excellent job of stopping me moping).

In the Duke all the old faces were there! Godly Tom, Barn, George, Matt, Billson, Tim and all my lovely lovely friends - Jess, Ella, Jennie, and not forgetting Phil! After a slightly unexpected and vaguely humiliating start to the evening I let the alcohol do it's business and we somehow managed to persuade Barn into giving us 3 bags of free crisps :D

Tickle fights and wrestling, twisting out the way of eager hands and drinks flying through the air, dancing down the highstreet, shivering on the mound and crashing out at mine, it was like being 16 again, but without the wishing-I-was-older feeling :)

Managed to get Phil to wake up after Will's Mum suggested pouring cold water on him during our 4:45am phone conversation. Might have accidentally also splashed it on Matt and Torrs... Oops :D


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