Monday, November 07, 2005

Chinese, A Dinner Party, Rockets and Italian

I headed into Cambridge after lunch on Saturday and Laura and I decided on lunch out. We wandered until we found ourselves at The Ugly Duckling (excellent name for a restaurant) where we may have slightly over-ordered, but nevertheless had a really excellent meal! -->

Assorted Chinese dishes at The Ugly Duckling Posted by Picasa

We then headed to Laura's friends who she works for. The house was massive - you could fit all the floor space of my Mum's house into their kitchen. Laura and I organised and tidied, and shoved various things in various ovens, and folded napkins, lit candles, shunted furniture and basically ensured their dinner party (9 adults, 8 children) went smoothly, which it did. I liked Anthony and Alison, Anthony more so, but then I spoke to him for longer. Very amusing chap. A critic who tells me he's rubbish at recommending books :)

We then went on to Alex's where I met him, his Mum Hilary and girlfriend Annie. They really are brilliant people. We set off rockets and played with sparklers, and drank and ate. I felt so relaxed with them, like I'd known them for years.

I spent most of Sunday tidying until I spoke to Will who eventually mentioned he was at home and I could call over and see him if I fancied. I did fancy.

I arrived at his door with a vague feeling of deja-vu from when we used to be close friends and I'd turn up there a couple of times a week. It was good to see him again. We ended up all going along to Prezzo, which was lovely, as it was Ruth's birthday. I felt slightly awkward talking about the whole Cambridge thing with Martin and Tom. I still feel like at any moment it will be taken from me and that looking forward to it is just setting myself up for disappointment.


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