Saturday, November 05, 2005

Rock on

My fiance. Enough said. Posted by Picasa

As I got into the car on the way into Cambs I got a text from Jane saying "hey honey, r u coming to the rock tonight? i'm here with your finace! X"*, and sure enough when I got there I got wonderful hugs from both :D Plenty of other Cerocers were there too, and it was just generally nice to see people.

We listened to the live band (who were actually pretty good, although I pined for my sax) and I had a chance to catch up with Nathan as we haven't spoken face to face in ages. Laura came along a little later and we had a really fun dance, and we seem to have perfected the first move jump :)

After The Rock we moved on to The Junction.. this was a new experience for me and I now understand why people say Cambridge clubs are, well, rubbish. But it did at least mean we could do some Ceroc, which would be impossible in a decent club - and what's more I wouldn't want to dance Ceroc in a really good club, but hey, all an experience.

*as a side note, I find big "X"s in texts slightly disturbing. "x" is a friendlylittlekiss, but "X" makes me think of a forcedagainstawalltonguedownyourthroatuberkiss, but as I can't really imagine Jane doing that to me (well, okay I can imagine it if I try) it doesn't bother me with her.


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