Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Laura & Natalie's 21st (well..)

Phil & me clubbing in Brick Lane Posted by Picasa

About 25 of us MSD students went out clubbing on Saturday night. We had such a fun time! Because we were a large group we booked a coach to take us there / back which made everything very simple.

Ruth drank one hell of a lot of Schnapps before we left so we had to have an emergency loo stop. Once in the club the rest of us stacked up the units. And danced. And Ricardo's friend, PojMasta, did a really good set. With a larger group there were lots of people to interact with and dance with.

After clubbing hard for many hours we all headed off down Brick Lane until we came to a really bizarre Indian restaurant.
Phil: this isn't the coach
Nick: No, but it is 'open till late'

So we all ate Indian and got scared by the huge murals of angels kissing, centaurs shagging angels and, most disturbing of all, a huge close up of Princess Di's face... But we survived the experience and I slept like a log that night. In Adam's bed. (He wasn't there!).

And now I seem to be ill. But getting better by the hour..


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