Thursday, November 24, 2005

Harry Potter 4 etc

It was easily the best of the films to date. It also had dragons, which pushed it upwards in my rating too. I think about 14 of us went in the end, a nice crowd. Myself, Phil, Alex, Keith and Nerea went to The Moorhen first for a drink (or two, or several in Keith's case) and a bite to eat. Phil didn't fall asleep during the film, which apparently is unusual. When Matt rang on Monday night he warned me about the film..

Matt: Well, it is worth seeing but I'm afraid there's some strong language in it..
Me: Oh, really?
Matt: Yes, at one point Ron tells Harry to 'piss off'
Me: Woah, that's a bit rude!
Matt: fucking right.

I danced twice this week. I really enjoyed Monday and quite enjoyed last night. Having a bit more space on Monday was definitely worth it - got the chance to practice a few cool new moves!


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