Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's all over

Ella & Jen looking happy - anyone would think they had something to celebrate.. Posted by Hello

And I feel so damn happy.

Monday night I couldn't sleep. I knew that Chemistry was going to be one of the hardest exams ever - just because it decides so much. I knew I needed to sleep, and I couldn't. Now, the worst thing would be if I'd got all frustrated. In the end I delved into my mind for a happy memory and then reconstructed it very slowly, adding in every shred of detail I could. Then it was morning and Dad was waking me :)

No idea how the exam went, it was nowhere near flawless. But it's over.

Afterwards, eating lunch (sausage sandwich!) on the common with Roo, Jess and Phil was just lovely! I kept bouncing about, and Roo picked me up and dropped me over Phil and Jess and then I made Jess and Roo spin about with me :D And then icecreams and more sitting and chatting in the sun! Finally home to have a nice bath (without having to take my chem notes to read with me). And then a long shower. And then pretty clothes and jewellery and best underwear! And then Jason turned up and gave me a cuddle! And then out with Jess, Jen, Roo and Ella!

Mmm Prezzo was tasty. I really must go there more often. Though it was the company that made it. Rather than discussing the oxidation states of chromium Jess and I found ourselves immersed in conversation about a flash game we've both been wasting time playing :).

Which reminds me, here are some of the links:
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