Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Princess Tegwen reveals all

From the left: Andy, Ruari, Ollie, Tom, Marc, Me!, Jamie, Luke, Jack, Other Luke Posted by Hello

"You're not short - you're bite-sized!" to quote Kieran. But looking at the above photo... I'm shorter than Ollie! When did that happen?? Just look at my shoulder level! Anyway, this is my lovely lovely Physics group.

On a more exciting note, when I was lying in bed last night I started thinking about my Ceroc Strips. Anyway, the last thing I want to do is to upset anyone, but I don't want to forget about them altogether - they had the potential to be really fun! So I started to think about the other characters I've created (such as Princess Tegwen) in the silly cartoons that me, Soap and Claire draw.

Well, my mind escalated the thought somewhat as I was drifting between waking and sleep and started to do it's own thing. Then I woke up because I was laughing, because the storyline and visuals in my head were rather hilarious. I'm slightly worried that this may be a case of imagination > talent, and I won't actually be able to draw it..

But what I'm invisaging is a longer story, like a whole comic book. And it's not exactly the way the strips have been before, it's more fantastical: it's not set in the present day but the past. The people who I have worked into the story so far, are..


I would give you the character names (I am Princess Tegwen, as mentioned earlier) but I figured that might spoil the fun! Anyway, it's something I'm developing and look forward to sketching out over the summer. It will probably be finished by Christmas, if I'm being realistic. I'm going to do it in full colour!

I will give everyone who is in it a chance to see the strip in which their character is introduced before developing it too far. That way, if I've offended anyone, I can make the necessary alterations to unoffend them - even removing their character completely if they so desire.


Anonymous Nathan said...

Top stuff! :) Fantastic to hear you are making use of your enormous artistic talent again! You have my full permission to portray me however you like...

10:04 am  
Anonymous IT GOD said...

You REALLY can't tell that's a physics class can you? :p

3:46 pm  

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