Saturday, February 11, 2006

She's running awaaaayyyy

Phil & Jess & that funny book Posted by Picasa

Last night we all Temmed it to say good bye to Jess and wish her luck for the next 6 months. She's off to China, to teach English...

As one of my closest and most loved friends I shall miss her hugely, but I'm glad she's going to have this amazing experience. It doesn't feel real yet - even saying our final good bye today after lunch. Walking away I still felt, still feel, like I'll see her on Monday, or Wednesday, or we'll go see a film *grin* together next week sometime, or I'll pass her in Waitrose.

How many of my friends like all the stupid things I do and silly things I come out with? Or can look at a **** in a glass cabinet in the arts and crafts fair and know exactly why I want it? Actually, there are a few others, but not many! But I guess that's exactly what makes special friends special.


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