Sunday, February 05, 2006

Good bye TP & Phil's 23rd

These last few weeks have been some of the most hectic of my life. I have been working hard every day, & dealing with stressed people - not least one Chemist who decided to be evil :( I forwarded the correspondance to my boss, who threatened the guy with losing his redundancy package - he suddenly got a lot nicer :) He even helped me bubble wrap things & complete the paperwork!

My send off was, well, flattering and unexpected. Lovely presents & a card from both my lab families. Lots of people turned up to say good bye. I shall miss them all, a lot.

- - -

Phil turned 23 on Saturday! We had a really lovely day - lunch out, a bit of shopping, a lot of relaxing, & a really nice dinner out. I gave him a small mountain of presents too :-)

Ooh but this morning something odd happened. Basically, the house he's in atm has an animal theme to it.. There are plenty of live animals (2 cats, some rodenty things, a snake etc) and lots of models of animals, batiks of animals, paintings, coasters, table mats, toys, decorations all of animals.

Phil said "I've fed the cats, but I need to check on the tortoises", so I was quite excited - expecting a nice small tortoise or 2. But as we neared their tanks (in the garage) there was a huge amount of noise, and a VERY LARGE TORTOISE was making a heap of sawdust for itself. There were three others which were smaller, but the big one really took me by surprise. After ascertaining they were all the right way up (they can get stuck on their backs sometimes apparently...) we left them to it...

..very odd though!


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