Monday, January 02, 2006

New Sixth Month Resolutions

Now, you may think with 6 month resolutions I'm being a bit.. lazy? Or failing to challenge myself? Not at all! My logic is that I can pretty much predict how the next 6 months of my life will pan out - so I can make vague plans about my daily way of living. After these next 6 months there is a fair degree of The Unknown, and I think it'd be silly to tie myself to a routine, or a code of living, that may not fit in then.

In brief, my many 6 month resolutions come under one large one:
Being Good.
(Yes, I can hear you laughing).
There are subdivisions about health, study and sex.
The fact I struggle to do 30 situps in a row, when last year I could do 200 worries me.
I eat pretty healthily, but I'm going to cut down properly on the snacky things.
I will study a LOT harder, I've had my rest now, time to get back on!
All sex comes under 'being good', so long as it's with my boy.

Dad and I cooked our first tagine together Posted by Picasa

I'm also really getting into cooking at the moment. Made my Dad a really cool risotto the other day, and some funky pasta before that. The tagine which we made together was a bit like hard work, and after everything we forgot the coriander! Bah!


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