Thursday, January 12, 2006

Breaking the Loop

Me & the somewhat infamous James, dancing Ceroc (card made by Jennie for my 19th birthday) Posted by Picasa

As requested by the gorgeous Jane of Ceroc fame, here is an entry about our lovely dance!

As usual Ceroc was packed (no landing space) and rather than join the long list of girls waiting to be rescued by men, I asked Jane for a dance :) Now, my lead has a long way to go, but Jane makes everything easier and I really enjoyed it - I managed pretty much all the beginner moves and a few intermediates too! I felt rather smug at the end of it.

I had a horrid demo last week though, worst ever. I don't think it helped that Paul (teacher) was really ill for it. Also, I'd had to leave work at 4 in order to get to Cambs with plenty of time, so I'd spent an hour solid in the Cold Room and when I came out my whole left hand swelled right up. It didn't go back to normal until the final freestyle. I sent out a plea for sympathy to the more caring of my labs... my favourite response was from Semantha:

I'm deeply distressed to hear of this. I hope it doesn't explode like tissue coming out of the minus 80. Please keep us updated on any further developments.


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