Sunday, January 22, 2006

Huw avec wine, Earl, Dirk, Jonathan & Sam Posted by Picasa

Dirk invited us all out for a curry at Chutney Joe's before he departs on his Californian adventures. I got Jonathan to talk to me about the VR1 receptor and capsaisin whilst eating dishes of various hotness. It was so good to be with them all, I don't know if I will ever work with such an amazing group again - they all doubt they will :(

Oh, and I suffered complete humiliation. A biologist at Terlings Park nicknamed me "Eye-candy" a while back, and this all came to light on Friday during the day when he came and asked me for a hug goodbye, as it was his last day. I made sure not to tell anyone about this and thought I had escaped but Pat thought it'd be hilarious to tell Huw. Huw thought it'd be hilarious to tell the rest of the group, so I spent the whole evening being referred to as Eye-candy....ahhhh.


Anonymous Jonny said...

Can't believe you kept that one quiet from me, wasn't too long ago we were sharing lab-space! I see that the lab is treating you with same humour as always ; )
Will email when it gets up and running!!

5:03 pm  

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