Friday, December 30, 2005

Barn & James' Dukeness

Jonny, blurred Paul and Barn in The Duke of York Posted by Picasa

The legendary Barn French and James Elliot put on another fantastic evening's entertainment. James played guitar and sang, whilst Barn sang, shook his tamberine and humiliated himself on a cross between a keyboard and a kazoo.

Jonny B of the Bluesmakers variety joined them on occasion with his ever expanding trumpeting skills. Their rendition of The Jungle Book's "You-hoo-hoo, take an ape like mee-ee-ee, can learn to be you-hoo-hoo man too-oo-oo" is still going round in my head. Damnit.

Lovely evening. The highlight had to be getting chatted up by Barn's grandad though :D "If you were my girlfriend I wouldn't let you out on your own that's for sure. And if you get any trouble from that boyfriend of yours you just let him know that I'll sort him out." He must be at least 70 something, and smaller than me! Brilliant chap though, a real 'lad'.


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