Saturday, February 11, 2006

Me, Katie (?!) & Jess all pitching in (hur hur hur..) Posted by Picasa

It was really good to see Katie again too, as I hadn't for quite a long while, not since I had that bed party! She's also off in a week's time, to South America. Merv showed up and he, Phil and Stucky all stood about waving credit cards at eachother..

I could now go into a rant about smoking in public places and why having areas without divisions doesn't work.................but I won't.

Even though I'm sad we're all branching off on our separate adventures, I'm glad that these are the sort of people my friends are. They're interesting, brave and openminded. Wherever I go and however hard I look, I will be pushed to find another group like them.

And then Jess and I have Septemeber - with lots of fun plans! (Including revising 2 years of Chem in a month....). Assuming I get home alive.


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