Monday, January 30, 2006

Bodie's Aussie Day / Burn's Night Party

Nathan looking ridiculous :p Posted by Picasa

Woo hoo for a fucking flaming awesome party! The Aussie style barbeque out the back was almost genuine if it weren't for everyone huddling around it trying to keep warm! A solitary haggis sat under a poem, and lots of random Australian and New Zealand food was littered about the place.

I had a great night. Nathan gave me this really funky shotglass with an upsidedown dragon forming the legs! It meant I drank most of my wine in small volumes (I didn't shot the wine though...). I had a nice dance with Jane again, and DPS turned up to show us how it should be done!

In other news I had a horrid nightmare - that my hands were sawn off. It felt so real. I turned to Phil and said "I've got no hands - I'm going to go through life with no hands - I'll never be able to dance again, or play saxophone" and he hugged me and said "don't say that, of course you'll dance again". Then I rested my cheek on my stump and cried. Then, fortunately, I woke up. It took a while to realise it had all been a dream and my hands were fine. I've been admiring them ever since.


Anonymous waf said...

euurggh oh oh oh now my wrists feel weird.

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