Friday, February 17, 2006


I tend to keep this blog for pretty photos of friends, as a way to share memories. Occasionally I might go off on a rant but I tend to keep those entries few and far between because 1) they're boring and 2) I'm only likely to offend people.

However I have no recent memories I can share, same for pictures, at the moment.

So here goes:

Maths is driving me insane. I'm in the middle of a chapter on differentiation and I get stuck so quickly. I've just got onto the bit where you use natural logs to do everything. There seem to be so many things to remember. I can't progress beyond this page (37 if you care) and feel in need of a cuddle.

Also weird lack of friends these days. I suddenly realised I needed to talk Weds night and the obvious person who knows all the details happens to be in China. But fortunately Ella was online, who knows most of the details, and she was lovely and helped me sort it a bit *hugs to her*.

Giving up Ceroc has changed the feel of my week too, which is a little strange.

What a pointless entry.


Blogger Mr K said...

hmmm, try doing third year maths.... it's possible I might be able to help...

4:17 pm  
Anonymous waf said...

*really didn't want to see that comment about third year maths*

(hang one sec.. AAAAGGHHHH... ok done)

Hm, always happy to try and explain stuff for you Teggles :)

(I hope I can do A level maths otherwise I'm a bit screwed..)


8:03 pm  
Blogger spin said...

yup, and not in the good way (hur hur hur)

Thanks both of you, you're lovely!

4:17 pm  

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