Friday, February 24, 2006

Happy Earl! Posted by Picasa

Jonathan looks so smug in this photo and I have no idea why.

It was good to be back with everyone and a bit sad too. Irina was on absolutely top form and the jokes she and Dirk hit off eachother were fantastic. Agnes and I tried to persuade Dirk that he ought to try Ceroc next time he's in the country. I doubt he'll ever come back though.

We went to the Kingston Arms in Cambridge. The atmosphere was great and the food was quite special too. I'd heard it was one of the best pubs in Cambridge but hadn't got round to trying it. Earl and I shared a starter - delicious cheese! Where do they find feta like that?

Oh, I suffered further humiliation. The eye-candy jokes are more occasional now (thank God!) but... On the train Dirk was talking to me slightly aside from the rest of the group, asking about my plans. No one was really paying us any attention until Dirk said "I'd like to see you in a Nurse's uniform!" slightly too enthusiastically, at which point all conversation stopped and then everyone laughed. To be fair to him it was vaguely on topic - but all the same!


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