Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sophie, aka Soap, Full Pint, Medici Face & O'Lemon

She's great. I mean she really really is. If I'm feeling even slightly down - even if I'm just feeling slightly frustrated, or restless, or whatever - she always cheers me up!

I went over this afternoon and we had tea and cake and generally chatted about everything and stressed about exam results. Even though I've been feeling a bit tense one way and another Soap did all the clawing for both of us, leaving me feeling lighthearted.

She also had me in giggles with her description of the bathroom in the place where she'd been staying in France. "If your Dad had seen it he'd have had a heart attack, I mean seriously, he would have burst something. The bath was just huge and limescaley and there was this disgusting carpet and the walls were blue painted over peeling old wallpaper. It was ghastly - I know only old people use words like "ghastly" but there really isn't another word to describe how horrid it was - I mean it was completely minging"... etc.

And her description of the old Dutch people having sex in the river right where they and another 8 or so canoes were going past was also, ahem, entertaining. "And my Mum being my Mum just waved and called out "Hello!" at them, because seriously, they were so obviously there you just couldn't pretend you hadn't seen them"... etc.

And as if cheering me up, giving me tea and cake and amusing me with her more harrassing life wasn't enough, she then told me I was looking much healthier than exam times ("you're not haggered anymore") and gave me a pot of jam she'd just made.

So, in conclusion, Soap rules.


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