Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Three Hot Dancers

Ok, I know entries like this one just make Ian laugh at me but I'm going to do it anyway.

Dance last night was so brilliant! I had blisters before I got there (long story) and took plasters with me - but never got a chance to put them on because every time I got off the dancefloor someone took me back on........or I saw someone I really wanted to dance with and pounced on them :) So my feet were in shreds this morning! Nevermind!

The wigs were hilarious. My only effort was to plait a couple of ribbons into my hair, but that's because I don't have a wig. Oh! And my fiance was all sparkly! And Keri's class was really fun, although I had to do the lady-led-lean with a guy who weighed 18 stone. He said "crumple" to me at a really critical moment, and that put us both into hysterics.

I had so many brilliant dances! First off - my fiance is getting so damn good! I shouldn't be surprised, because he always was a very good dancer (I noticed the other week that when learning the man part I'm trying to imitate his lead, so I must like it) but he's seriously taken off in the last few months.

Next, I had 2 of the best dances ever with Ian - they were just so fun! And I'm very glad I didn't land on my head, which did feel rather likely at one stage. I found the terrified faces of the women sitting watching us quite entertaining too :) What do you think Ian put the pure dancing skill down to? His improved lead? Inspiring music? My ability to spin and bend in unnatural directions? No. Jen. Who wasn't even there! But I've heard logic escapes those who are in love.. ;)

And finally Tom. I had probably my favourite dance with him ever on Monday - it was so smooth and cool and none of it felt hectic or rushed. All the drops were really elegant and gentle and it all flowed perfectly. So much of Ceroc seems to be about adapting to your partner - I've pretty much forced Tom to dance a minimum of one track with me everytime we've both been there since I started and, finally, I seem to have got the hang of it!

*bounce* - very happy Tegwen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought u always saved the word "hot" - wasnt it 1 of ur buzz words ?

6:45 pm  
Anonymous Other Jen said...

argh I don't understand there being someone else called Jen, damn you and your rare name *mutters*

12:39 am  
Anonymous Ian said...

You diswrespecting my girlfriend?

11:48 am  
Anonymous (other) jen (again) re: ian said...

yes. no. no. I wouldn't do that I don't know here and want to dance with you again.

Hello, my name is Jen(nie), I get confused easily.

9:58 pm  

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