Monday, August 01, 2005

Jen's 18th

Colin, Ruth, Kayleigh, Roo, Sarah, Jen, Ella & Paul Posted by Picasa

Again another brilliant party - I had such a good time! Phil drove me over (wow, I'm so impressed by all my friends who posess a skill I haven't even attempted to learn) and a very bouncy Jennie opened the door. She liked her present (yay!). There was about 3 times as much alcohol as people :) which is always, always a good start.

I sat outside with Phil, Roo and Kayleigh for a while and laughed at Roo's horrified expressions as Phil produced first large quantities of vodka, rum, tobacco and weed and then a blindfold and a roll of bondage tape from his bag. I then traumatised Roo further by telling him about the resonance of my earrings as they swung as I walked. Too much Physics, apparently.

Other highlights include:
-chatting to Ella
-Jen saying "ready steady go" before kissing me (?!)
-dancing with Jen (of which there is hilarious video evidence)
-seeing Phil in general
-being back with all my friends who I've missed so much
-reminding Colin about what had amused him
-Sarah in general
-my 8th drink

Hehe, when I arrived at Phil's I was greeted by his Dad..
David: Hello there Tegwen! Would you like a big gin to set the evening off?
Me: Yes please!

Which put me in mind of another brilliant quote..
David: I went to the fridge the other day, and in it I found a little pile of magic mushrooms! I said to Jan, 'what are these doing here?' and she said they were Phil's. And then I found out the blighter had stolen my gin!


Anonymous Darren said...

I love David, and I love you darhling.. we must all gather for my birthday, make sure you're not doing anything this weekend.

12:13 am  

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