Thursday, August 04, 2005


Spin says:
Ian says:
guten abend
Spin says:
guess what I almost fucked up
Ian says:
rebuilding the leaning tower of pisa from scratch using only matchsticks and blu tac?
Spin says:
no, much worse - Nathan's first night as Venue Manager
Ian says:
i doubt that very much, what happened?


So, I took Jen to Ceroc on Monday and she loved it. Then tonight she saved my life.

I wasn't going to dance, but Jen rang saying she was 'enthused', and what she'd been planning on doing had been called off. So she drove us in early and we wandered up with plenty of time. When we were sitting down, and I was checking there were extra ladies so I could be a man, Nathan said "I'm glad you decided to show up, you're demo" and I said "no I'm not".

Well, Nathan (all hail the New Venue Manager) was right, I was demo. So Jen and I hastily swapped clothing - so I could be trousered - and I hopped up on stage! Woo hoo for Jen! And woot for me too, because I demoed evil footwork (evil for me) and I didn't screw it up!

Other nice things that have happened have included lunch and an afternoon with Ella, a meal out with my Dad, visiting Jess's new feline friends (and Jess of course!) and a walk with Phil :D


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