Sunday, July 31, 2005

Jamie Cullum

My fiance, Jane, me, Jen & Nick at Audley End Posted by Picasa

After Ian's prompt and punctual arrival we all set off for Audley End, where we met up with Nick and set up camp. We had blankets, we had umbrellas and we had enough flapjack to pave the way from one end of the Ceroc hall to the other. It didn't matter though, Jane wasn't boverd.

It was cool to meet Jen, she's really lovely :) And she photographs nicely :p and she has to come to Ceroc. It was great to be back with friends again - thanks to all of you for making me feel so loved and welcome. *bear hugs the lot of you*

Jamie was good! It was a really excellent concert, the atmosphere was great and being outside was lovely. I also found out that my fiance shares my fear of falling up into the sky - looking up is the only thing that has ever made me understand vertigo. The firework display at the end was another bonus - they were seriously good.

Oh, Ian, if you've lost your tongue you might want to check at the back of Jen's throat, I think you might have left it there.


Anonymous Sarah said...

It's Cullum! Callum is my brother. Back from Jen's. La la di la.

12:00 am  
Blogger spin said...

Thank God I have literate friends. And now I really ought to do an entry about Jen's... :) la!

10:44 am  

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