Monday, May 16, 2005

My fiance is a super demo diva


I'm full of energy! I can't remember who it was that tried to stop me bouncing tonight, but he coined the phrase "satellite Tegwen".. apparently gravity is there for a reason.

So, my fiance demoed for the first time tonight and he was brilliant - really brilliant. He didn't even look slightly phased when Becky turned him around to allow the class to admire his arse during the catapult. Completely understandable of course, and I think we can all admit to having admired it at some point.. Yes Ian, even you.

I had an excellent dance with Ian, our first of the evening. For some reason it just really flowed and was really good fun. The second dance less so, but hey. I also had a lovely two dances with my fiance. I put in lots of double spins - they're so much easier with him than anyone else, guess it must be that superb lead of his ;) Jane, you are a lucky lady :p

Ok, not to steal Nathan's thunder, but I have to admit.. Chris was pretty um.. awesome. I think more Australian Ceroc teachers should move here for a couple of years. I had 5 dances with him and by the end of them I was starting to get into his style a bit more. Damn, I could spend hours dancing with that guy..


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