Sunday, May 08, 2005


Out of a multitude of Toms, this is 'Sexy Tom' (for obvious reasons). Posted by Hello

I hadn't spoken to Tom for absolutely ages - it was so nice to catch up!

Spin says:
And things for me are fine, if a bit stressful - A levels approaching!
Sexy Tom says:
oh yeah, dw too much about them, i've got the first of my exams on tues, not looking foreward to it at all!!
Spin says:
hehe! I have to worry about them! I need 3 A's!
Sexy Tom says:
good luck then, hope you won't need it!
Sexy Tom says:
you know what im more annoyed about tho?
Sexy Tom says:
not being able to go dancing on monday nite before hand

He took my advice on the Ceroc thing! I have every intention of forcing him to come and dance with me over the summer at some stage :) I don't think it will be too tricky to persuade him.

Meh I want to dance tomorrow and I can't :( :( :( etc.

(Oh, I should add that Tom got no say in his prefix of 'sexy', I added them a while back when I was regularly referring to 5 or 6 different Toms and it got confusing. Others included: Godly Tom, Romeo Tom, Dancing Tom, Mac Tom and Big Tom)


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