Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ian's St George's Day Party

Alicia, Kaili & others dancing / getting blinded by the 'light pro' Posted by Hello

A special long blog entry today, as I seem to have a growing audience :)

I arrived at Jane's for 5 and we curled eachothers hair and secured it with copious amounts of hairspray (making vague resolutions to stay away from naked flames). Claire arrived and we curled her hair too, ate sandwiches, watched that crazy dance program everyone's into, and transformed ourselves into fair maidens. I don't know whether it's the 'fair' or the 'maidens' that I'm most tempted to put quote marks around.

When we arrived at Ian's there was an amazing selection of food and.. drinks..

Ok, it has to be said, the INFAMOUS ROCKET COCKTAIL was absolutely undrinkable and tasted of 'pond life' (to quote Claire). And this was when it was made 'properly', so God knows what the version at Annie's tasted like :s I have a photo of the 'cocktail' if anyone wants to laugh at it.


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