Wednesday, May 11, 2005

1000 Blank White Cards

Absolutely awesome game! I played it for the first time today during 'electives' as they've stopped now. I read about it here initially, and there are some other good examples here.

Jess, Phil and Luke came over mine and we just gave it a go. I was wondering if it was going to all be a bit too random to be all that funny but it turned out to be hilarious. As you get into it you get cleverer about the cards you make. I think I won in the end, because the last card I played was one that Jess had made and forgotten about, that converted all positive points into negative ones and vice versa!

Here are some of the very very many cards we played with:

Phil's "You are attacked by an army of Darrens"; Jess's "Mice! Mice! Mice! Mice!" Posted by Hello


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