Monday, May 02, 2005

100 things..

..about me. A completely egocentric entry.

1. I’m obsessive
2. I forgive easily
3. I hate wearing nail varnish but I like putting it on
4. I find the Arts easy
5. I like spending time on my own
6. I feel happier when my hair is curly rather than straightened
7. I don’t like talking about my taste in music
8. I’ve only been sad in the morning 3 times in my life
9. I often have vivid dreams & nightmares
10. I think ‘I love you’ is overused
11. I avoid playing card games with friends
12. I can’t hold grudges
13. I like being quiet
14. I’m addicted to Ceroc
15. I enjoy almost all types of weather
16. I’ve given up on using ‘ever’ & ‘never’ as regards the future
17. I’m impulsive
18. I love baths & showers
19. I haven’t really failed at anything
20. I get scared by infinity
21. I love taking risks
22. I’m very close to my sister (who hates taking risks)
23. I like laughing at myself
24. I hate being pitied
25. I’ve said ‘I hate you’ once & I didn’t mean it
26. I believe studying Physics A’ level has changed me
27. I’m a very good liar
28. I hate lying & avoid it as much as is humanly possible
29. I want to learn how to massage
30. I used to be ashamed of my face
31. I like buying belts & jewellery
32. I associate numbers with colours (e.g. 3 = yellow)
33. I rarely sulk about anything for more than half an hour
34. I find arrogant men attractive
35. I use people’s names more often if I fancy them
36. I actually quite enjoy tidying & organising my things
37. I have complete respect for my Dad
38. I don’t own a watch
39. I’m close friends with a headmistress
40. I love nicknames & different identities
41. I find vectors confusing
42. I often spin about in my blochs at home
43. I’m an atheist
44. I do believe in something however, I just don’t think that something is God
45. I go to bed early when I’m depressed
46. I have a thing for ears
47. I want to have a go on a motorbike
48. I like lyrics that tell interesting stories
49. I didn’t get nervous when I played Juliet
50. I’m a highly loyal person
51. I want to paraglide
52. I think first impressions tell you a lot
53. I like having my photo taken
54. I love eye contact
55. I’ve never been scared of the dark
56. I keep a diary
57. I watch very little television
58. I want to see Australia & New Zealand
59. I act calmly & logically when I’m frightened
60. I like being provocative
61. I enjoy play fighting
62. I overanalyse
63. I stand up for my friends
64. I’m moody & don’t try to hide it
65. I like electric guitars & big amps
66. I own a large number of scarves
67. I often think about time
68. I find the sky fascinating
69. I talk to trees
70. I’ve worried about my sanity twice
71. I don’t like it when people cancel at the last moment
72. I love being naked
73. I sometimes act shallow to hide deeper emotion
74. I like photographing interesting fungi
75. I’m short-sighted
76. I distinguish between ‘good looking’ & ‘attractive’
77. I tend not to hide my kinks
78. I find small talk easy
79. I love being hugged & cuddled
80. I usually impersonate people when I quote them
81. I can convert my jealousy into happiness
82. I tend to bounce around a lot
83. I really like dragons
84. I feel uncomfortable in low cut tops
85. I don’t compliment people unless I really mean it
86. I now grin whenever I peg washing up
87. I finish lots of sentences with 2 full stops when online..
88. I eat ice cubes when I’m bored to stop me snacking
89. I love purple, red, & everything between
90. I have 101 people’s numbers on my mobile
91. I don’t want a tattoo
92. I work well in 3 hour bursts
93. I get frustrated by materialistic people
94. I have a geekish streak
95. I say things to get reactions
96. I enjoy cooking & eating
97. I need to learn transition metal complex colours
98. I enjoy listening to intelligent people talking
99. I love challenges
100. I stole the idea of writing 100 things about me from Melissa


Anonymous Melissa said...

LOL, I love it! xoxo

10:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, so? now tell us something we dont know! ;)

3:44 pm  
Blogger Dunstan said...

Hi Tegwen!

You are only the third person to find my blog 'online' and actually the first to find it through common interests on our profiles! Blogs rule!

Great to read your blog after not having seen you for so long. Be sure to bring your Blochs when you come and visit Aus and NZ so I can take you to Ceroc in Sydney for a few catapults!

So I'm guessing you are at University now. Where are you and what are you studying?

Bye for now,


11:41 pm  

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