Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's almost too hot to dance

pure dance addiction. Posted by Picasa

It's easy to forget how wonderful it is. I mean I knew I missed it, but until I went back properly on Monday I'd forgotten quite how much I was missing out on!

I love spinning about and feeling myself being pushed first one way and then the other. And I like the way I know now when to keep my arm tension and when to relax it, and which foot is best to put the weight on at different times in the moves. I like how when I sit out at the side, by a window to catch some air, various people come and find me and lead me back onto the dance floor. And I like how people ask me for a second dance now and then, it's such a compliment.

I would say I want to spend all my time dancing, but that would be a lie. It was just too damn hot tonight. And I hit Paul in the head by accident, although it was entirely his fault.

I had such a lovely dance with my fiance. He'd been taxiing and I'd been demoing and it was so humid that we were both flagging a little. But he's getting so good! I used to know all his moves and now he's continually putting in surprises! Tom was also dancing everso well on Monday and I had a few brilliant dances with him. Also Rob, and tonight Paul. Bah! I just want to get betterer! Paul says I need to either slow my spins or make them doubles because I keep throwing my arm tension slightly out. I figure I'll sort this once I've got some decent shoes - my Blochs are actually coming apart now :)

So, basically, thanks to all my wonderful dancing friends! You make life that extra bit more special.


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