Friday, October 07, 2005

Out we go & my birthday

Laura, Kim and Rebecca looking gorgeous Posted by Picasa

All us MSD students went out for a pay day meal! Harlow Tandoori was far better than I expected - and the free wine and popadoms were good too!

I went back with Nerea and Alex after work to get ready. We were soon joined by Kim but alas no Jen as she and Jonny had to work late :( Of course being girls we took ages and arrived to the restaurant late, but nevermind.

I loved chatting to the people on my table, it was great to get to know them better. I learnt a lot of hilarious drinking games including the "fuck game", the "fuzzy duck game" and the "bomber". I look forward to the next time I have a group of friends and a bottle or two of spirits. When I went to leave (wanted to get back so I could wake up at home on my birthday) Jen flung her arms about me in the middle of the 2 tables and stopped me leaving to make everyone sing me happy birthday! It was lovely if a little embarassing.

My birthday has been fantastic - I've had a brilliant day. Lots of people offering me chocolate and cake, and a card signed by both of my lab families! Also texts / calls / emails / cards from (almost) everyone I love - more so than in any other year, which has been hugely flattering. My day was made I think by a text from Will, or possibly by both his parents insisting on hugging and kissing me :D

Thanks to all my wonderful friends and colleagues for making my day so special. *hugs*


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