Friday, September 30, 2005

Pizzaria Belsit & Farewells

The Pizzaria Belsit is one of my favourite restaurants (it's in Woodford) as I remember it from infancy when Mum and Dad used to take me there. There's such an amazingly lively atmosphere, and the food is brilliant - and it's very cheap too!

I took the train after work to Liverpool Street where I met Torrs. We took the circle line to Woodford and then walked. Even though it was fairly early on a Thursday evening the restaurant was already packed! We had a delicious meal and caught up on one another's gossip. There was a huge amount to discuss as we haven't met face to face for months and months!

I told Torrs about all my scandelous adventures, only to find out she'd been up to far worse ;)

I will miss her - she's going to Durham on Sunday. But I have said a lot of good byes recently. Perhaps good bye is the wrong word. I once said "good bye" to Jonny, and he looked sad and said "don't say 'good bye', never say 'good bye', not when we know we're going to meet again".

Friends vanishing to University, and others off for different reasons. I said farewell to my fiance recently. When dancing a few weeks ago we had the following conversation:

Me: You know, you moving away is going to be the greatest test of our engagement
My fiance: But Tegwen, some things are made to last

Looking forward to dancing with him has kept me sane for a long time, I really will miss seeing him twice a week.

Also saying bye to Matt again, after all this time, was vaguely painful. I seem to have spent a disproportionate (thanks Tom) amount of time saying good bye to him.

And now I am off to perfect my Diablo II skills, which are somewhat limited - so farewell, until we meet again.


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