Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My Pizza Party (No.2)

yay, gingerbread & candles, what more could you want... smarties! Posted by Picasa

Last night was truly lovely. After the success of the last pizza party I felt obliged to hold a second - and I'm very glad I bothered! There were 10 of us in total: myself, Phil, Jess, Sophie, Claire, Ella, Jennie, Dave, Roo and Darren, although Sarah called in with Ben later on which was a nice surprise :)

Phil has photos of the pizza dome (I only had one plate to fit 10 pizzas on - each pizza cut into 6 slices... there are only so many ways to arrange 60 slices of pizza!

And for the grande finale Claire and I presented the 3rd in the trilogy - The Gingerbread Castle!

As it was a castle, people felt compelled to battering-ram it a bit, before gnawing on the battlements and breaker off the leper's legs..


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