Tuesday, August 23, 2005


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...I've found a kindred spirit!

I got into work this morning to find Jonny's large hardback copy of "Principles of Neural Science" on my desk with the above note attached. I immediately resolved to read it as quickly as possible.

I discovered it had 1360 ish pages, and calculated how long it would take me to read it if I averaged on 50 pages a week, and other possible amounts (not as modest as it sounds considering the size of a page, the size of the font, and the fact I'm dedicating the second half of the week to reading a different book on pharmacology).

[Tegwen is sitting at her desk pawing over page 3, Jonny enters stage right]

Jonny: [sitting down in his swivel chair, Scottish accent:] you planning on reading all of that?
Me: [internally panicking based on years of being teased for such pursuits, carefully clearing calculator screen showing estimated weeks to finish book, over confident voice:] Oh I don't know - it's well over a thousand pages!
Jonny: [leaning back in chair, hands behind head] I'm definitely going to try and get through it by the end of the year I reckon
Me: [complete shock, almost falling off swivel chair] cool, good idea..

So yay! But he did stop me from doing Maths during my lunch break yesterday, so perhaps he's not quite as obsessive as me - but it's all good!

Aside from Jonny I've met a hell of a lot of other great people - everyone there is brilliant, and friendly, and very interesting. This is going to be such a good year.


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