Monday, August 29, 2005

Ella in Prezzo Posted by Picasa

Oh she's just so sexy :p

We had such a lovely meal out, and Ella took me up to date with her love life, about which I've heard little since I visited her in late October! The food was also really lovely. In fact, considering I was in tears about 10 minutes before I met up with her, it was a truly fastastic evening!

As we were eating our starters I saw a man approaching the door, and he was looking directly at me in a really intense manner. Having just seen Crash last night I was half expecting him to pull a gun on me. And then I recognised him - Jonny!! Who I hadn't seen for almost a year! He came and sat and chatted with us briefly, and then left on the promise of seeing him later at The Duke.

Ella and I enjoyed the rest of our meal and, with a bottle of wine inside us, headed up to The Duke.


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