Sunday, April 24, 2005

Kaili proving that it is possible to look funky with a cone on your head. Posted by Hello

Lots of us had a dance actually. I had a 9 minute long dance with my fiance which I thought was quite impressive. I also have a short film of Ian dancing with Dave.. "Ian's new flame?" "How could he resist Ian's moves..?" Sorry.. :) I also had a dance with Jane! We took it in turns to try and lead and either we did really well, or my memory is sufficiently blurred by alcohol to think that we did.

["I love your description of the cocktails you had, typical artistic type, nothing about the drink or the taste, just the colour!!!" - extract from an email from 'Auntie' Jo - her response to my description of Tom's party when I wrote to her last week.]

Ian's photos can be found here.


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