Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Flop looking happy, curly, and colourful.. mmm beads :) Posted by Hello

Roo's party was really cool. I hadn't been to one of his since about 2 weeks after me and Will got back together (which is a VERY long time ago). It was the random assortment of people and alcohol that made it.

Jess, Ella and I made a squomellette which was wonderful even if half its mass was made up of oregano. I can't actually remember much else that happened, but I definitely enjoyed myself. Lovely to see all my friends again. Oh, and there was one particular story that had me in hysterics, but I'm not at liberty to share it :) Most people know it anyway :D Hahaha!

Oh, and it was brilliant to catch up with Flop. She always was one of my 'inners', and always shall be. A friend I can leave for a couple of months and know that our friendship, love and trust is not weakened.


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