Thursday, May 26, 2005

Briefing on Monday.. never have to go to another.. ever. Posted by Hello

It's funny counting down and saying "never again". I'm nervous about the word "never", but I really can't see how I'll ever do another briefing. 2 days of school left.

I had a wonderful final tutorial with Mr Loe. He's promised to come dancing sometime. (Ooh! And Marilyn might come along next week :D ) But anyway, we're going to keep in touch so it's not a real goodbye.

Also had my last saxophone lesson with Jason. I gave him a card and he gave me one straight back. We just had a chilled out lesson, playing from the Real Book, him on keys. At the end I flung my arms around him and didn't let go :) He's taught me for 8 years. I've cried to him and he's cried to me (quite literally) and he's taught me so much more than how to play sax. He's taught me to perform, to notice, to listen and a whole load about the world as well. Anyway, it's not like I'm going to lose touch with him either.


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