Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ian's Birthday

Just look at his golden locks! Posted by Hello

Woo! Thanks to Ian for another excellent evening.

We drank, and ate, and danced :) And played with waterbombs.. I had a thoroughly brilliant time. It was nice to get to know Kaili and Scarlet a little better and to meet Fran. Despite copious amounts of smoke billowing out of the kitchen and Tescos failing to provide squid.. and having to serve part of the main course with the icecream because someone *cough* forgot about it, the food was really lovely!

Oh, and Kaili has rescued Ian from his connection to the unholy-kill-me-now-rocket-cocktail by creating a New and Drinkable cocktail known as the Manning Frenzy. I'd say what's in it, but it's copyrighted to Kaili, so you'll just have to ask her :p


Anonymous Ian said...

Actually it was meant to be part of the starter :p

10:01 pm  
Blogger spin said...

That doesn't make it any better! In fact it makes it worse as it shows you forgot about it for even longer!!!

1:19 pm  

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