Saturday, April 23, 2005

Moon Sulker

The moon in the trees (unedited) This looks better very large. Posted by Hello

I left for Phil’s at about 10pm and ran all the way – the moon was out and peered at me through the trees. It was wonderfully cool and fresh and I could feel the tears turning cold as they touched the skin about the corners of my eyes. I left this world within seconds and felt momentarily grateful that the road I was dashing across was completely clear. In my second world I was running and clawing and biting – wild and unleashed! I felt the intense pain behind my shoulder blades as silvery-black-purple razor like wings forced their way out and I spiralled forwards. I sprinted across Borough Lane (also clear in the first world) as my wings opened out fully like a massive cape sweeping along behind me. The moon was partly hidden by trees and I slipped back into the first world to watch its beauty on my own. The uphill sprint had tired me a little and I slowed to a fast jog until I hit Phil’s door.

Considering how vivid and consuming my imagination can become, surely I am someone who has no need for drugs? Running (as described above) can be enough to lift me to already terrifying heights; as does exploring that weird barrier as I fall asleep. You know? When your mind is almost unconscious but you can see shapes moving, and you wonder, that maybe if you hold on for long enough, you’ll see something worth more than anything.

Spin says:
*hug* I know, I'm in the wrong, I'm sorry
Pace says:
thats ok.. things like this are never logical


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