Sunday, April 17, 2005

Tom's Party

"No, you can try it first" "Or alternatively, you could.." Posted by Hello

Tom's party last night was really lovely. I was worried I wouldn't make it as I was completely shattered. Just before I was heading out my Dad said "you do realise you're not exactly looking your best don't you?". I did realise this, but I didn't want to hear it..! But nevermind..

Alcohol is a wonderful substance, whatever my other friends say about it. It makes everything easier (well, except pouring coffee into cups rather than shoes). I had some insanely random conversations too.. it was all good.

I'm sure there was a line of logic to explain why Tom goes down hills fast on his bike.. something like: He eats a lot, so he's very dense, so he bends the space-time continuum, so.. and that's where I lost it :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its not that alcohol is bad, its just that other drugs are betterer :P

4:28 pm  

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