Thursday, April 14, 2005

Double seducer.. *looks to ceiling*

I was in the Guardian (thanks baby) the other day - my Nana rang up to tell me she'd spotted my name in the Education section. It was a report about Latin vanishing from schools. I'd been interviewed on the phone by a reporter last week so I knew it'd be coming out. I was pleased to see she hadn't misquoted me at all :) Although the very last line wasn't exactly my phrasing. I'd never say anything quite that cheesey! My Aunt also saw it and sent me a card to say well done. She's so good like that, doesn't miss a trick.

I loved dance last night! I was demo again, but this time was better than last time. Although I swear I never want to do another seducer again in my life (joking.. I love them..). I find alternating between dancing with Ian and Paul is really satisfying. Just because they're so completely different.

I felt that Paul was testing me a lot last night though. He kept doing moves that checked I wasn't anticipating and that my arm tension was there. He did some seriously cool 'kicky' moves, where he'd kick my leg out from wherever it would normally be, forcing me to spin around and the suchlike. When Filthy-gorgeous came on I looked around to see if Ian was free and he bounded over and jumped on me :D So much fun! We even got a dip to go exactly at the right moment for the 'ping!'

There were 2 bad things about dance last night:
1) I hardly danced with my fiance at all and when I did I was really unbalanced :(
2) Tom hurt his right foot, which meant I only got to dance once with him :(

But I got hugs from everyone at the end, and I think Tom wins first prize for nicest hug, possibly due to the fact he wasn't oozing sweat due to his bad foot though. When I got back I had tea with Robyn and we chatted for ages about all sorts :) It was great, just like the old days. She knows me so damn well. Then I went home and had a long chat with my fiance. I've really missed him recently and it was nice to be open with eachother. Just wish I could give him a cuddle right now.. but then, I a l w a y s want cuddles.


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