Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dancing at Cricklewood

So that would be 11 hours of dancing this week.. my feet hurt! Posted by Hello

Wonderful night!

With Roz, Jane and I in the back, Ian driving / singing along to strange French rap, and my fiance navigating in the front we set off for Cricklewood.

Ian: you're not trying to calculate how far we've gone based on how fast I'm going are you?
My fiance: well, yeah..
Ian: as opposed to seeing which junction we came on at?

But we made it! And I met Annie (who is seriously cool). The dance floor was big and there were loooads of people, and some very good dancers. There were some completely different styles too - people who danced Ceroc, but not the way we dance it in Cambridge. Most noticable was the young dude with the punk hair and the dark singlet. He was really amazing..

Dan was also pretty incredible and I'm glad he's going to come to Cambs sometime to dance :) Of course it helps that he's insanely good looking..

Best dance of the evening? Tricky one! I'm torn between my second dance with the dude with the punk hair, my second and third dances with Dan, and the first dance my fiance and I did to the live band. We did a really nice first move lap sit in it which just made me really really happy!

Although having said that, double-troubling is always hilarious!

Then after 5 hours dancing.. the necessary stop at Tescos.. mm.. that was much needed.

The journey back was fine, I dozed mostly with my fiance snuggled up in my arms and Jane curled over his legs (Ian: "Oh God just look at him - he's like the cat that got the cream"). Got back by 4am and somehow found orange juice, pyjamas and my bed..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You charmer you.


3:43 pm  
Blogger spin said...

hehe... oops :)

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