Friday, April 01, 2005

My ears adore you!

The following is an extract from The Princess Bride. I read it in Mr K's blog (, and it's a rather good blog so go check it) and I really loved it.

"There is no room in my body for anything but you. My arms love you, my ears adore you, my knees shake with blind affection. My mind begs you to ask it something so it can obey. Do you want me to follow you for the rest of your days? I will do that. Do you want me to crawl? I will crawl. "

The only line in it I dislike is the "my knees shake with blind affection". But the rest is excellent, especially "my ears adore you"! Which is just funny :) Mmm, it also brings back a very good memory..


Blogger Mr K said...

The whole first chapter is wonderful. As said, I must own that book! Or at least read it.

Thank you for the link, I shall reciprocate at some point in the not too distant future.

6:17 pm  

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