Thursday, March 31, 2005


I am no longer confused inside, but happy. I think it's only natural to experience an emotional drop after something like that. However, my brain chemicals have sorted themselves out and I'm back to my usual self.

Ceroc last night was really brilliant. I seemed to have more repeat dances than usual, and I danced with lots of my favourites (Rob, Dr James, Little Chris, Ian, Tom, Big John and, of course, my fiance). It was so nice to have Robyn there too. She thinks that my fiance is worth sacrificing a potential race of pixies for. I think I'm inclined to agree, although I was quite fond of the pixy initiative. Oh! And Ian liked the sword cocktail sticks :D

I received 3 really lovely emails recently. One from 'Auntie' Jo, one from Kieran and one from Melissa. I've only replied to one of the three so far because I want to actually write something decent back and I don't have the time or energy at the moment to be even vaguely eloquent. If you can be 'eloquent' in text.. 'loquens' is Latin for 'speaking' I think. But nevermind, I'm sure it's been corrupted enough to use to describe written prose..


Blogger Mr K said...

Wait... theres another Kieran? Hmm, this could confuse.

5:14 pm  

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