Friday, March 25, 2005

I had forgotten..

..quite how attractive Dave is. I spent most of this evening chatting to him - one of the few people with whom the topic of conversation can switch happily from the everyday to the realms of Physics and then to drama, philosophy or sex with ease. I can't even remember now when I first met him, it must have been years ago. I can't remember why he's so good to me, or done me so many favours.

He has the sharp shrewd look to him. Dark flicky hair, very dark almost narrow eyes and strong harsh eyebrows. And an eyebrow piercing, one of the few people who carries it off. He has the look of a person you don't want to get on the wrong side of. He looks like he'd carry a flick knife (he doesn't). He clinched Juliet for me last year and has looked out for me on several occasions since.

Also caught up with Jack. I wonder if he realises I still think of him as Falstaff. I wonder if he's gay.. I have a feeling he might be. He bit Snozz's nipple and he looked everso lustful when his mouth was hovering about Dave's neck. *shrug*

Mmm... talking of gay, I have to agree with Soap... Anthony Blunt is sooo 'do-able'. Fantastically understated, and so sly. And Sam West looks so much better with a bit more weight to him. I find men who are a little overweight quite attractive oddly enough. Perhaps because they look cuddly?


Blogger Mr K said...

he bit snozz's nipple? Gah, I missed all this, being absolutely wasted in the garden as I was.

12:16 am  
Blogger spin said...

just to make a change eh? :P

9:15 pm  

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