Sunday, March 27, 2005

Ella's Party

Much fun, had a lovely night (picture evidence below).

I arrived a bit early (as promised) to help set up - get food / drink / no entry signs sorted.

The others came in bit at a time which was nice as you could speak to each person as they arrived. Jen, Kate and I had a dance earlier on, and at the end of the evening me and Claire danced some Ceroc (me leading) until she crashed us in a manic hug onto a sofa. Soap managed to make the word 'sofa' have three syllables at one stage of the evening.

Random quotes:

'You tried to slit my throat with a pringle'
'There's death on my leg' (now, I wonder who could have said that.. DEATH!)
'That dog can't bark now that I've eaten its head'
'There's blood all over your floor'

I, along with Gar-i of M11 Music fame, helped mop some of it up (Sarah landed slightly harder than usual and hit her head on the way down, triggering an impressive nose bleed).

Claire, Soap and I went back to Dave's after and celebrated the first hour of his 18th birthday!

(Sarah's photos can be found here:'s%20party/ )


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