Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dancing depressed me slightly tonight, though I think I’d have come away feeling a lot better if it hadn’t been for that last track. It was quite a serious moody heavy song, and I was dancing with Tom who can be quite serious and moody too, so now I’m feeling all serious and moody, and slightly sad. Scratch slightly, I’m crying. But that’s just the music I’m listening to.. why does it effect me so strongly?

Music can make me cry, or have to jump around manically, or shake all over.

Though I think actually that might just be me being odd. I was filing some MSD stuff the day before yesterday and flicked past the Cambridge letter. I saw the QUEENS’ COLLEGE red stamp across the envelope. I froze and I felt my jaw set and my eyebrows make the little frown they make around once or twice everyday now. Then I shuddered all over and cried for about 30 seconds. Then I stopped and put the file away and carried on working, feeling a bit stupid. I think it’s just the stress levels atm.

My report came through today: 100% attendance, AAA predicted, AAA performance. And the comments made were good too. It’s beyond a doubt the best report I’ve ever had. Dad was pleased.

Guh… concert tomorrow. But a half day!


Dad: I met him once you know.. you know who he is?
Helen: Ooh! Is he that person?
Dad: Which person?
Helen: That person at the place?
Dad: Which place?
Helen: The place with the people!

Time to stop typing. 5 days. I think it’s hurt my heart. Never mind, it was hurting anyway.


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