Saturday, March 19, 2005

Audley End

Sunset at the marshy field (unedited) Posted by Hello

I went walking (just to make a change) and took my camera with me. It's just a snap happy digital really, for having fun with and helping others to glimpse some of my memories.

I find the rhythm of walking helps me to think. I feel so sorry for people who mock poetry and who don't have a romantic side to them. And I feel sorry for people who don't enjoy their own company - these people definitely exist - I know because they've described to me how they feel. It's just how I feel sorry for people who are uncomfortable about being naked even when they're on their own, like in the bath or changing.

When I was walking the sky was so beautiful I got caught up in the happiness of it all. When I get a build up of happiness I've found I can make the feeling escalate by running! So my walks are often punctuated by brief bursts of jogging, skipping or sprinting. I saw 15 toads on my way back - it's mating season.


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