Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Not So Merry Wife..

When I was in year seven I was involved in a production of Shakespeare's 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'. In this play, Falstaff (a fat, old and unattractive knight) sends love letters to the wives of Page and Ford, two gentlemen in the area. The wives are outraged that he should a) write to them and b) not even bother to write them individual letters but send the same one to both. So they decide to get revenge..

I think it is Mistress Ford who says that the best way to revenge themselves is to first lead him on - raise his hopes - make him think that they're really into him. And then humiliate him! Dash his dreams! Because that way he'll drop from a huge height and it'll hurt a thousand times more.

I pitied Falstaff, just as I pitied Malvoleo who was given the same treatment by Sir Toby in 12th Night. I really felt for them because disappointment is an emotion that I hate. More than disappointment I hate for people to know that I am disappointed, or let down, or sad. And even more than that, I hate for people to know why.

I am now feeling happy again due to talking everything through with Melissa. She's brilliant at putting things in perspective and making me feel good about myself. *grin* random friendships are fantastic things and shouldn't be underrated. Talking of good friends..

Ian says:
In the relationship sense or in the friends sense?
Spin says:
An excellent question
Ian says:
Ahhh I think I understand
Ian says:
well come my party you will see how easily men fall at your feet and this will remind you what a wonderful beautiful girl you are and thus what a tit he is, or something :p


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